Another irritation factor for me, sorry People who (both in zoos as in response to my videos) are saying 'he looks angry' or 'he looks grumpy' or 'he looks sad' I get so tired of it

Every gorilla his his/her own head, his/her own look. And no, that doesn't stake that they're sad or grumpy or angry. Also many postures don't tell if they're angry/grump/sad. Why is it that people give them human emotions I often wonder. Yes, in many things they look alike, but they're not (and that makes why they're so nice to look at).

The only thing that you can compare to us humans is a gorilla baby/gorilla kid laughing. Often mothers tickle their baby. That little one then laughs. It's so great to see Also when gorilla kids play with teach other, you see them laugh (be aware: you see it, you don't hear it, it's not that loud). The 'play face' of a gorilla kid is always lovely.

Gorillas do have empathic capacity/behaviour, but they don't have all emotions we have. And even if they do have a certain emotion, you can't see it like with us on the face, but they have a typical posture where all hairs stand up and the lips are pressed tightly together. And make a certain noise (which noise you can't hear in the zoos most of the time).


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