From 10 till 14 June 2013 my boyfriend Wilfred had a week off from work. We would take it easy that week; on Tuesday we would go to Efteling (a fantasy-themed amusement park in our country) and on Friday we would go to Burgers' Zoo. Wilfred likes the Efteling; I like zoos I hadn't been to Burgers' a while (6 October 2012 for the last time, so it was about time to there again). It would be Wilfred's first visit to this beautiful zoo.

We took the train. On our travel I checked two news sites on my mobile. That's a kind of addiction I have: always want to know the news. On '' I read 'Uncommon gorilla twins born'. My hear started to beat very fast and I read on and immediately saw 'In Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem gorilla N'Gayla gave birth to twins yesterday. Something that rarely happens'.

I admit: tears started to well up, tears of absolute joy. Wilfred noticed this and looked at me and (of course) asked "What's happening?". I stuttered as answer "A set ….. of …… twins ….. is born". His (logical) response was "Yes, so what? It happens all the time" and I responded with "I know, but not with gorillas". He also was impressed by this special news and asked "Where are they born?". I just looked at him with a very very very big smile on my face and he knew enough "Oh no, so it's in Burgers' Zoo …. well, nice". That 'nice' was cynical. Of course he knows about my love for gorillas. I promised myself once that if we're in zoos together, I visit all animals and won't spend a lot of time with the gorillas. But he understood that would be a problem that day with this wonderful news He can't complain! I did go to other animals with him too.

We did go to the gorillas immediately when arriving at the zoo. We weren't supposed to do that was the plan, before hearing the news. But hey, twins!!! We only looked at them (with pain in my heart) for about 15 minutes and then we visited the rest of the zoo. A zoo he didn´t know; I did I planned the route in a way that we passed the gorillas a couple times When we passed them and went to look at them for the fourth time Wilfred said "You know what, stay here. I go to Burgers' Ocean alone. I'll see you here again when I finish my visit there". I loved him for that!!

It was so great to see two babies in a mom's arms. She acted like it was normal to have 2 babies instead of 1. She was (and still is) an awesome mom. Like she'd been doing this for years and years. I didn't spend as long as I wanted with them that day, but man … I loved every single minute of it. Here one of the many photos I took.

Before we went home I bought a membership for the coming year and four days later I was back with them, alone. And since they were born until ± half 2016, I went almost each week (in spring and summer and part of fall really weekly; in the winter around the 10 / 16 days). Since half 2016 I go around twice a month. Sometimes 3 times a month.