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Photo of the week

This part isn't what I wanted it to be, so'll stop with it.

In the first week I had a really great photo of the week (a sequence actually), that's why I created this page, but after that week it wasn't like that anymore. It became more of a 'story of the week' with a photo.

I'm not really a good photographer. It's not the most important thing to me either; the most important thing is enjoying watching what the gorillas do. Sometimes that's difficult to photograph, because I am not a good photographer. If they sit perfectly still, I can make photos. But honestly, sitting gorilla photos in most cases can't get the title photo of the week ;-) Or they have to have a funny look or be in a funny situation or something else. Coincidentally, a funny situation was in on the photos in the first week. And maybe a nice situation will be photographed by me again in the future. The best thing would really be that I take a photography course, but I don't feel the need for that.

Since it became more of a 'story of the week' it's better to just start a whole new part about certain gorillas. Perhaps I will do that in the future.

For example, I am very curious what I will witness next week in Apenheul. I hope there will be interaction between Kiango (2 years old) and M'Fugaji (almost 14 years old), who has recently rejoined the group. I heard/read that they play(ed) together a lot. Hopefully outside too and I will experience that. Well, then I better film that interaction.

So from this week on no more photo of the week and I also removed the archive.

I am considering doing a 'photo of the year' (or photos of the year) at the end of 2023. It also depends on whether I can still take enough photos that deserve that title.

Well, that was it.

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