9 January 2019
I finally told something about why gorillas look the way they do You can find it under gorilla facts, facial expressions. I updated the text on that page completely. I also put a link to a wonderful video on it.

16 December 2018
I added the two youngest gorillas (Damsi, Artis, born 18 Oct 2018 and 'baby T', Zoo Antwerp, born 27 Nov 2018).
Jambo and his 3 oldest sons moved to Al Ain, so I transferred them to the bottom of the Apenheul 'who is who' page. They will stay there because they meant so much to me (and others).

11 July 2018
I added a new gorilla group to 'who is who'. It's a group I recently started visiting: the bachelors in Pairi Daiza.
I added a link to Gorillas-World on my links page.

10 Februay 2018
New lay-out of my website and (finally) the English part is finshed!!!