Links to gorilla related websites:

» group about the gorilla twin (and family) on Facebook, started by me (in English)

» blog about the gorilla twin (and family), by me (in Dutch)

» unofficial gorilla studbook by James R. Davis

» Gorillas Land (in English)

» site with family trees, by Jörg Feiertag (in English)

» site with history of gorillas (in German)

» Facebook group Gorilla Haven Gorilla Photos (in English)

» Facebook group GORILLAGROUP (in English)

» Facebook group Great Apes Database (in English)

» Gorilla Passion Project on Facebook (in English)

» (awesome) photos from A.J. Haverkamp

» (awesome) photos from J.A. Kok

» photos from Ezzy Davidson

» photos from Matthias Besant

» photos from Mike Rodenburg

» photos from Shirley Kroos

» photos from Katerina Jisova

» photos from Heike M. Meyer

» photos from Robert Staudt

» photos from Noémi D. Soós

» photos from Sabine Bresser

» photos from Oliver Ramstedt

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