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I'm crazy about gorillas for many years and visit them regularly in various zoos in The Netherlands and also in Belgium and Germany. Both Zoo Antwerp and Pairi Daiza in Belgium and Zoo Krefeld and recently Zoo Duisburg in Germany. I started visiting Apenheul in 1994. Until 2010 I only visited Apenheul. Halfway 2010 I started visiting other zoos too on a regular bases.

The groups I regularly visit are (in alphabetical order): Apenheul, Artis, Blijdorp, Burgers' Zoo, GaiaZOO, Pairi Daiza, Safaripark Beekse Bergen, Zoo Antwerpen and Zoo Krefeld. First the list was in order of favourite, but that often changes. I visit Ouwehands and Zoo Duisburg only now and then. The first 1 à 2 times a year; Duisburg 2 à 3 times a year.

I made this website, because there's a lot of ignorance with people about these incredible beautiful animals. The reason: visitors compare them with humans too much and that's something they shouldn't do. Although we're both in the same order ('Primates) and same family ('Hominidae') we're not alike that much. Gorillas are completely different, although some things (on first sight) are alike. Another cause of the ignorance is that it seems to be difficult for zoo visitors to read the signs with information about the animals in front of them. I don't know about zoos outside The Netherlands, but sometimes there aren't really good signs to start with.

On this site you find some general gorilla facts (unknow to many it seems). The most heard misconception is "that one is pregnant". Second (a really irritating one for me personally) "they're very very very dangerous".

On the 'who is who' site you can see photos and some information about the gorillas in the zoos I visit. Well, just take a look around on my website. Everything is in my own words. Remember: I'm Dutch by origin and all is translated by me, myself and I so I hope there're not too many mistakes. If you do see something strange or if you have questions and/or remarks, you can find my email address under 'contact'. There you can also find my guest book.

Have fun!